Remington 870 bottom ejecting malfunction

Remington offers a variety of compact firearms specifically designed for youth, women, and smaller stature shooters. These shotguns and rifles are manufactured to the same high quality as our full size models yet offer a shorter stock for better balance and fit. The compact shotgun models come with an adjustable length of pull system that allows the shooter to custom fit their stock to fit their individual length of pull.

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Barrels We carry out a broad array of barrel repairs, modifications, and refurbishment. We can help you with gun fitting, altering stocks to clients measurements or new a new made to measure stock. If you do not know your required dimensions we will be pleased to meet you and undertake the task of fitting and taking measurement and finally altering your gun to suit.

The operating instructions for the iconic pump shotgun are as easy as the wash, rinse, repeat instructions on the back of your shampoo bottle. Yet, the pump seems to have fallen from grace in recent years as the semiautomatic moves to the forefront in waterfowling. Let's hope we have not collectively become so semiauto-centric that we look past the many charms of the dependable pump. It is not only one of history's most legendary fowling pieces but also one of the most reliable and cherished gun designs of all time.

The patent for the first detachable box rifle magazine was filed in by James Paris Lee, and the resulting Remington-Lee Magazine bolt-action would go on to birth a whole family of box-fed descendants while influencing the designs of countless others. Military orthodoxy of the day kept the fixed internal magazine relevant for a bit longer—despite the successful fielding of detachable-magazine-fed models such as the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Thompson submachine gun—but prior to World War II it was clear that the removable box was to be the feeding mechanism of the future for rifles. Handgun inventors caught on even more quickly, and the conveniently portable ammunition containers consistently started being utilized in their designs as soon as the early s.

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New Remington shotguns often have failure to extract problems. Failure to extract happens when we cannot extract fired shell. This prevents shotgun from loading new shell into chamber.

View Full Version : Bottom ejecting home defense? Guys, My nephew is looking for a home defense 12ga pump. Something similar to a Remington or Mossberg

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Every year when waterfowl begin their annual trip south, hunters across America oil up their s. Countless cops have tricked out s, literally riding shotgun. And when something goes bump in the night, those who are serious about defending home and hearth reach for the

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Bullpup shotguns are quirky and eye-catching. They boast a couple of advantages too. In fact, a bullpup configuration naturally suits the role of a tactical shotgun well. Perhaps counter intuitively, a few shotguns on this list boast a high capacity even higher than most traditional shotguns.


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