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Legend goes that a customer returned a set of tires to Nordstrom so the company took them back. Consider the truism that an angry customer tells seven people about his problem, but a happy customer will only tell three people. Obtaining feedback takes time and attention.

BreachWatch is constantly updated with the latest available data sources, in many cases prior to public release. Below are the most recent data sources added to the BreachWatch database. Acquisition Date: TZ.

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Compton: I am tired of being ripped off by big business. I researched this problem on the SanDisk website and called their corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. I advised Kimberly that I wanted to return the defective product and a full refund.

ATA is a discount airline with a long history of customers service problems. Using Google Groups it's possible to find horror stories dating to the mids and earlier. It is affiliated with Ambassadair travel club and Amtran. Presently it's known as "ATA Airlines".

Good info to know. I've heard PFB isn't the place to be. This informative review confirms it.

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UPS and the Post Office also will put packages in plastic bags if there is inclement weather. I was home, up and ready for the delivery. If I hadn't looked out at 8 AM this morning, I still wouldn't know the package was there.

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I bought my son a Toshiba laptop to take away to his first year of college, miles away from home. He came home for a 1 week intercession, started studying and using the Toshiba and the hard drive burnt out. I was desperate!

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Most of the press we encounter about Etsy talks about how great and innovative of a company it is and how they give small artists and artisans a chance to sell their wares in a global market. But that is only a partial truth, no one is talking about what happens behind the scenes, about the corpses scattered all over and the lives left in ruins along the way. Yes, darling Etsy has been abusing its power and victimizing sellers with a very flawed, discriminatory, arbitrary and ineffective Integrity Policy, in which many shops are shut down without any evidence of misdoing or any legitimate explanation. Many of these sellers are genuine craftsmen following all the rules and whose only income is derived from Etsy.


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