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The phone rings. On the other end of the line is someone who has just had to deal with a congregation that has been racked with a case of pornography-involving their own preacher! The preacher who is speaking tells me a sad story of how his friend in the ministry has just lost his congregation over the discovery of the fact that he has been engaging in pornographic activities for some years.

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In the words of Jason Dinn, the church's pastor of soul care, they believe that "God's Word is the answer to all life's non-organic issues. So it's not a surprise that the church has a strong program of counseling its members using the Bible -- and rejecting much of modern thinking about what makes human beings tick. The association, which says it's the largest biblical counseling organization in the world, also has a lofty view of the Bible, saying its authors were inspired by God to write the exact words he wanted written.

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No one approach works for all people. Therefore, we have counselors who have varied therapeutic styles and who specialize in using different treatment models. Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art.

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Are you struggling with a compulsive use of pornography? Do you think going to professional counseling might be of help to you? Nouthetic counselors understand personal problems and addictions not through a framework of secular psychology, but through the Scriptures.

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Have you ever encountered the idea that the discipline of psychiatry can sometimes be helpful for Christians but the discipline of psychology is usually not? Have you ever listened to a Christian teacher criticizing counselors who operate according to the basic categories of secular psychology but simply attach Christians phrases to it? Have you heard Christian teachers say that because scripture is completely sufficient that it is unnecessary for Christian counselors to avail themselves of any of the discoveries of secular psychotherapy?

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The Independent Fundamental Baptist church is famous for their support of the Nouthetic Counseling movement and their rejection of psychology. They teach that psychology is sinful because it has roots in secular humanism and the only way to heal mental health issues is to use the Word of God for counseling. It uses the authority of God to be confrontational and discerning.

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In Marcha year-old Californian named Kenneth Nally took an overdose of his antidepressant medication, Elavil, and waited to die. Unconscious, he was found by his parents and rushed to a San Fernando Valley hospital, where he had his stomach pumped. Instead, Kenneth accepted an invitation to stay at the home of his pastor.

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Here are parts one and two. I graduated from my fundamentalist college, and because of my circumstances really had no other option but to move back in with my parents. They had found a new church— this time, there was nothing fundamentalist about it, although still conservative Baptist. Yesterday, when I was trying to explain to my husband why fundamentalists despise psychology so much, I realized that there are two underlying reasons:.

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Holy Bible. I, on the other hand, had never heard of it — praise God! We were pursuing a number of other intriguing topics at the time, and I never got around to investigating this controversial counseling technique.

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Another pastor falls to this problem of sexual purity! This issue has no boundaries and those that think they are immune are in denial of the problem. Perhaps if he had a safe place to go for this issue and the Church SHOULD be the safest place he could have done something about this years ago. If anything, he should have stepped to the side, received the help he needed, and when healthy enough, come back to his position.


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