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Thinking of getting a tattoo on your vagina, snatch, taco, vadge, peach, woohoo, girly parts or vajayjay? Some of our users liked our penis tattoo article and requested us to do this one. A common misconception, is that a vagina tattoo only applies to the actual vagina itself.

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I've had a skin condition since I was nine years old, one that saw the sweat glands around my groin get blocked, infected, and inflamed. The symptoms manifested as grotesque boils that would pop and ooze puss along my panty line. I needed surgery because sometimes these boils would be so big and painful I couldn't walk or do normal activities.

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The original tattoo was a set of pink lips that reminded Lovato of lady parts. Her account is private, but you can see her post here. What a shame that people look up to you.

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Protip: It is rarely a good idea to make your vagina look like a demon monster! Demon monsters are the universal symbol for "Do not touch me! I am a demon monster.

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While strolling around Tattoo Fest looking for candidates for our tattoo game a few weeks ago, we came across a lovely lady who was eager to show us her Meet Onya Cox and her vag tat. We walked up to Onya and asked if she had any tattoos.

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Some tattoos tell a story, and others are just for the sake of fun. But most of Demi Lovato 's ink usually says something about her past or what she hopes will come from the future. One tattoo, however, didn't go as well as planned.

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Madonna's not the only one sharing photos of tattoos designs in delicate places! For instance, when she shares a photo of a vagina tattoo on Instagram a Nike swoosh, as if to say "just do it" to get people psyched about taking down Trump. Technically it wasn't on a vagina, but rather on the pubic area just above a vulva which are the external parts of a woman's genitalsbut you catch my drift.

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Before you start wracking your brain and trying to remember the day a Disney star had genitals tattooed onto her arm, Demi's 'vagina tattoo' was actually supposed to be a smoochy set of lips. It was technically a 'vulva tattoo' if we're getting picky. RIPvaginatattoo kidsdontdodrugs", along with the lips emoji, the rose emoji and the bloody needle emoji.

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Arguably, a tattoo on your vagina would be worse because at least a tattoo of a vagina could be somewhere pretty innocuous on your body and it could also be very tasteful and perhaps even representative of the feminist movement in one way or another, maybe. Or it could just be a dodgy tattoo of a vagina that you hated and absolutely want to get rid of but sure look, who can say for sure? So, in order to sort out her fairly dismal vagina tattoo, Holly decided to appear on E4's popular Tattoo Fixers show.

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