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Updated November 28, A Canberra woman has been sentenced to hours of community service for assaulting her seven-year-old daughter. The child later told police her mother had hit her once on the shoulder and twice on the back when she came out of her room to go to the toilet.

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A mum says she justified smacking her children in a number of ways before realising that it wasn't right. A mum who grew up in 'the heart of spanking culture' has revealed why she stopped smacking her kids. Mary Katherine wrote a heartfelt post on Scary Mommy about how she grew up in a small southern town in the US, where hitting children as punishment was commonplace.

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A mother charged with assault after hitting her child with a wooden spoon has spoken out, saying it was panic that drove her to do it. Perth mother Tania, 35, hit her daughter with a "bruising force" after she took and ate old hamburger meat from the fridge in October last year. But Tania says she panicked after seeing her daughter eat the hamburger meat, which contained worming tablets mixed into the mince.

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I was smacked as a child and I have, on occasion, given my kids a smack across the backside or over their hands, usually once my patience has reached it's extremely pointy end, or to save them from inflicting harm to themselves or others! I often threaten a smack, usually with an accompanying "I'll take your pants down right here and now, in front of everyone" threat, but it usually never comes to fruition. I have many a memory of my mother rustling around in the kitchen drawer for a wooden spoon to 'tan my backside', and God help you if you ran.

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He was a "tricky" child, quick to anger, a bully-boy his mum was quite powerless to control. He ripped up books and once hit her with a stick. She hit him and his two younger siblings twice a week, sometimes with a wooden spoon.

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When parents use physical punishment children are more likely to have challenging behaviour. When parents use physical punishment like smacking, children are more likely to be seriously injured. For preschoolers and school-age children this can include using negative consequences or punishment when children break rules or misbehave.

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Dr Justin Coulson May 30, In this two-part series, Dr Justin Coulson explores the issues behind why parents smack kids, how kids feel about being smacked and what we can do to find more long-term discipline solutions. In my parenting classes and coaching sessions I am regularly confronted with people who become incredulous when I suggest that we need to stop hitting our kids if we want to discipline them effectively.

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The Welsh Government wants to pull the current defence of "reasonable" punishment which protects parents if they disciplined their kids. Smacking is an incredibly divisive topic; while some Brits will have been smacked by their parents as a child - and think it's OK - many others see it as an unnecessary and harmful punishment. Emily Cleary, 40, is a mum of two, and lives in Buckinghamshire. She is FOR smacking your children.

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You are not allowed to hit a workmate or your partner, you are not allowed to beat a stranger or force an elderly relative to his knees and whip him with a belt. We hear of elder abuse and one-punch assaults and we shudder in horror at domestic violence. The comments then lead to each and every major talk show and radio station discussing the divisive topic of smacking.

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Australian Women's Weekly. Raising the issue of smacking among a group of parents can be like rolling grenade into the room. It's often divisive, sensitive and emotionally fraught.


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