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By Sabine Walter, Pierre A. The trickiest part of using a condom can be in removing it. If the condom leaks a common result of improper removalthe sperm can then make their way into the vagina—and then you may be dealing with an unintended pregnancy or an unwanted sexually transmitted disease STD.

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A recent paper publis hed in T he Columbia Journal of Gender and Law has brought critical attention to "stealthing," the term for when someone removes a condom during sex without their partner's knowledge or consent. Finally having a name for the act has started countless conversations about people's experiences, as well as brought to light the fact that this nonconsensual and invasive act is assaultfull-stop. Here are three women on when they realized they had just been stealthed, how they dealt with the aftermath, and how reclaiming the term helps victims of stealthing in the long run.

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Removing a condom during sex - known as stealthing - transforms a consensual act into a non-consensual one. It's a little-discussed form of gender violence, but that is all changing thanks to a new study into the phenomenon, published last week. When a man removes a condom during sex - often unbeknownst to his partner, be they man or woman - he is opening them up to the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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When we were having sex, my boyfriend pulled out and the condom stuck inside of me. Is this dangerous? The condom itself isn't likely to be dangerous — though you'll need to get it out so it doesn't cause problems.

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Back to Your contraception guide. Condoms are the only type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections STIs. There are two types of condoms: male condoms, worn on the penis; and female condoms, worn inside the vagina.

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Stealthing, however, is an act in which a man removes his condom during sex without telling his partner. It presents many complex physical and emotional issues. But what exactly does stealthing mean and what does it do?

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The study, conducted by Alexandra Brodsky, includes interviews with survivors of stealthing, an exploration of an online community of men who practice it, and ideas about how to help stealthing survivors in the legal system. To dive deeper into these questions, Brodsky took a look at the comments of the online community of men who not only practice stealthing but give each other tips on how to do it. Potential pregnancy, STIs, and HIV aren't the only possible long-term repercussions of stealthing: Survivors also report shame, confusion, and the feeling of lack of agency.

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Non-consensual condom removalor " stealthing ", is the practice of a man covertly removing or damaging a condom during sexual intercoursewhen his sex partner has only consented to condom-protected sex. In an article about stealthing published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law[2] [4] [5] [6] Alexandra Brodsky described victims' experiences, legal implications, and legal avenues to address stealthing. Brodsky described how the practice of stealthing is discussed, described, and advocated for on various websites and forums. To prevent this, it is important that male partners are reached with the information as to why condoms are beneficial for them as well.

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Information obtained in this survey is highly sensitive and confidential and includes patient health record data. Furthermore, we are unable to share data as it would be in breach our ethics approval. Our participant information and consent form specifically states that individual participant information will only be accessible to the study team and will not be disseminated further in an identifiable way, i.

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The present study aimed to contribute toward generating empirical evidence to guide the discussion surrounding NCCR. We asked participants about whether or not they felt NCCR is wrong, whether there should be consequences for its perpetration, and contextualized responses within legal context. A total of undergraduate students took part in an online survey inquiring about their experiences with and views of NCCR.


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