Identifying bottles by bottom numbers

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Within each chasing arrows triangle, there is a number which ranges from one to seven. The purpose of the number is to identify the type of plastic used for the product, and not all plastics are recyclable or even reusable. There are numerous plastic-based products that cannot break down and cannot be recycled.

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Pinched in Patent Meds circa s to in various tones of blue and lavender, with white being closer to When a sea glass collector finds a section of a bottle base, their opportunity to date that shard and potentially learn who produced the original vessel is far greater than if the shard is from an unmarked side wall of a bottle. Telltales include the thickness of the shard, bubbles within the core glass, kick-ups, pontil rod scars, and various other key markings.

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The numbers actually indicate what plastic material the bottle is made of. Each number identifies the specific uses for any type of plastic-based product, from plastic wrap to yogurt containers. Typically, only 1 and 2 with narrow necks can be placed in common plastic recycling bins.

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Estimating the age of antique bottles can sometimes be a difficult task even for the experienced collector. However, by following some basic guidelines anyone can determine approximate age. Although this brief article is primarily intended for American-made bottles, glass from other countries has evolved similarly.

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Collecting old bottles and jars is a hobby sure to evoke a feeling of nostalgia--bringing you hours of enjoyment. It may also be one way to put a little cash in your pocket. The value of historic bottles is escalating, sometimes garnering hundreds, even thousands of dollars each.

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Collecting antique bottles is a fun and interesting hobby, but it's easy to get confused when trying to decipher the markings on the glass. These markings are the key to telling a fake from a find and to determining the age and value of your bottle. Once you know what to look for, you'll be able to spot a great bottle during your next visit to the flea market or antique shop.

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The subject of bottle makers marks is a complex one - as is virtually everything to do with bottle dating and identification. However, the subject is important to refining the estimated date range for the manufacture of a bottle, how the bottle was made to some extent, and for the determination of origin website "goals" 1, 3, and 4 noted on the Homepage. Some glass containers make quite obvious which glass company made the item.

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Department of the Interior, administers over million surface acres of America's public lands, located primarily in 12 Western States including Alaska. Part of the mission of the BLM is the management and preservation of the cultural and heritage resources found on America's public lands - prehistoric and historic. What is the age of the bottle? What type of bottle is it?

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Search this site. How does recycling work Green links. At the bottom of most plastic containers you can find a small number inside the three arrow triangle recycling symbol. This number is a reference to what type of plastic the container is made of.


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