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March 13, Well none the less they are an interesting species in their own little way and are a big part of station life. A poddy calf some people call them bobbys is an orphan calf that you take in, or it may have lost its mother and have been fending for itself for some time.

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Sucking the breath from our lungs and leaving the signs of harsh, the icy sting of an arctic wind on our cheeks meant winter has officially made its presence known. Although dressing in layers can sometimes be a hassle because nobody enjoys wearing 30 lbs. As much as we hate adding layers upon layers of clothing to our bodies, freezing temperatures combined with decreased circulation to exposed parts of the body can result in direct damage to tissue cells, also known as frostbite.

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AFC - organization for promoting of animal rights and veganism. Indignant over a provocative advertising move of Lura, Animal Friends responds: We understand nature! The most recent advertisement of Lura - "We Understand Nature" is the best proof that the Croatian companies shrink from no means in advertising their products. Following the example of their western colleagues that have for years been convincing us of the existence of "violet cows" that walk contentedly over the pastures and just wait for us to squeeze their swollen udders, from which healthy milk will gush forth and turn into delicious chocolate, the Croatian minds are trying to feed us new old fairy tales.

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More than 1 billion cattle are raised annually for meat and milk production. I discuss what research on dairy cows may bring to the research field of NGI. In

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At Mayberry Farm about 20 minutes east of Moss Vale, the cows' feed is being extended with orange pulp, a grainy mush left over from brewing beer, old bread from McDonald's and wilting vegetables - including a pristine artichoke - that would have otherwise been thrown out by Harris Farm. In the same way a family may stretch some rissoles by adding leftover bread, dairy farmers in the Southern Highlands are doing anything they can for their cows to survive. Dairy farmers Craig and Tammy Whatman have been supplementing their cows' feed. Credit: Janie Barrett.

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Newborn calves on an organic dairy farm were thrown on the ground, hit and force-fed by workers, a shocking investigation reveals. After receiving a tip-off about cruel handling, undercover footage was obtained by welfare charity Animal Equality in June and July this year. But the charity claims that when it visited the farm on many occasions it found calves being force-fed and aggressively handled.

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Nottingham, mare Belle, 4 yrs old. Gift, sorrel mare Twilight. These animals were all commended, but there wag no competition. Draft Horses.