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In the video here parts of which are NSFW due to penis photos at the markyou'll see and hear all the strange messages Jenn Sterger received from someone she was led to believe was Brett Favre. This is the evidence she told us about last February. Sadly, Jenn is still reluctant to talk on the record about the matter.

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During the "New Rules" segment of HBO's "Real Time" concerning this disgusting matter, Maher said it demonstrated "how pathetic and clueless white American males have become because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your c--k is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves. This week we found out that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre allegedly tried to get with a young woman by sending her MySpace messages, voicemails, notes through a friend and when none of that worked and when it was third and long -- though not as long as most of us would have imagined - he decided to sext her pictures of little Brett to close the deal. You know, Brett, I get it.

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It was early October, and Daulerio, the editor of the sports Web site Deadspin, had requisitioned the brick of crisp hundreds to pay an anonymous source. In return, the source would hand over the voice mails from Brett Favre and photos he'd allegedly snapped of his penis and sent to Jenn Sterger, a Jets sideline reporter, during his one season with the team. Now it's the first week of November, and Daulerio is telling me how he landed his most controversial scoop as we fly over a quilt of farmland on the way from New York to Indiana.

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I'm pretty sure I'm around the millionth person to write about the Brett Favre penis photo scandal, but I just couldn't resist anymore. Honestly, if Brett Favre took a picture of his man part and sent it to a female, how is that the concern of you or I? For the record, so help me God if I get a comment that says, " What about the children

Allison Torres There comes a time in every great unsubstantiated sext messaging controversy when the pursuit of truth falls to the wayside, and the buxom, corset-wearing vultures swoop in for a piece of the media pie. And we're ok with that, because every time another person alleges to have seen grandfather Brett Favre's naked penis in a picture message, a Green Bay Packers fan gets their wings. Today, occasional Jersey Shore blogger Allison Torres told Steppin' Out magazine that she also saw the alleged text messages Favre sent former Jets in-house reporter Jenn Sterger: " I actually saw it when he sent it.

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Brett Favre's younger sister Brandi — who's previously been in trouble for shoplifting and participating in a drive-by shooting! Narcotics agents entered while the lab was "still cooking. Bieber-Gomez is the new Swift-Gyllenhaal.

With all the excitement Thursday, you'd have thought New Year's Eve had come early. And sure enough, shortly before 2 p. In the most highly anticipated reveal in at least days, Deadspin published photos of what may be the penis of legendary quarterback Brett Favre.

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This is an old twisted tune my dad did. I think its so funny how football players celebrate the little things. I understand your happy, and its ok to celebrate, but did it need to be that elaborate for such a short run?

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By Emily Smith. The former manager of Jenn Stergerthe ex- New York Jets hostess who allegedly received nude pictures and racy voicemails from Brett Favrehas penned a damning account of how the NFL conducts its investigations. The heads of NFL security sat through hours of testimony and sifted through countless documents that were compiled in a three-ring binder with the help from our FBI forensics expert.

Alleged naked pictures of legendary quarterback Brett Favre have surfaced on Deadspin. The photos are said to have been sent to year-old model Jenn Sterger, who worked for the New York Jets when she says Favre sent her cell phone pictures of his penis. Favre played for the Jets at the time of the alleged incident.


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