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Presentations and treatment plans for women with postmenopausal breast cancer may vary considerably, writes Terry Hanan. In Ireland approximately 2, women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. One in 12 women will develop a breast cancer before the age of

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Fibroadenomasare benign breast tumours characterized by an admixture of stromal and epithelial tissue. Breasts are made of lobules milk producing glands and ducts tubes that carry the milk to the nipple. These are surrounded by glandular, fibrous and fatty tissues.

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Some people think that having breast cancer will cause other symptoms apart from a breast change, such as feeling tired, having less energy or weight loss, but this is not the case. Download image. Most breast changes will not be cancer. You can also ask for a female nurse or member of staff to be present during your examination, or you can take a friend or relative with you.

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We report a case of orbital metastasis in a previously diagnosed metastatic breast cancer in a year old woman presenting with diplopia and proptosis of her left eye bulb. An orbital computed-tomography CT and a magnetic resonance imaging MRI both revealed an intra-orbital extra-bulbar mass of 1. The patient had been diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer 4 years before.

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Itchy breasts can be a common problem for some women. Inflammatory breast cancer IBC is a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer, which is known to involve the lymphatic channels of the skin of the breast. As the name suggests, inflammatory breast cancer makes the breasts look red erythemaenlarged and swollen oedema.

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Once a person is determined to have a malignant tumor or the diagnosis of breast cancer, the healthcare team will determine staging to communicate how far the disease has progressed. Determining the stage helps determine the best way to contain and eliminate the breast cancer. If breast cancer has spread, or metastasizedevidence be may found in the bones, liver, lungs, or brain.

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There are many different signs and symptoms of breast cancer, so checking your breasts for any unusual change is important. Common breast cancer signs and symptoms include:. Pain in your breasts is not normally a sign of breast cancer, but it can be if it is associated with other symptoms.

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Spontaneous nipple discharge is the third most common reason for presentation to a symptomatic breast clinic. Benign and malignant causes of spontaneous nipple discharge continue to be difficult to distinguish. We analyse our experience of duct excisions for spontaneous nipple discharge to try to identify features that raise suspicion of breast cancer and to identify features indicative of benign disease that would be suitable for nonoperative management.

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Version 4. This risk model is based on population averages. Each woman's breast cancer risk may be higher or lower, depending upon a several factors, including family history, genetics, age of menstruation, and other factors that have not yet been identified.


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