Facial frowning

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We respect your privacy. Charlize Theron may have it. And many people would say Victoria Beckham right has it bad.

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To make a facial expression indicating thought or displeasure, as by wrinkling the brow and drawing down the corners of the mouth. To regard something with disapproval or distaste: frowned on the use of so much salt in the food. A facial expression indicating thought or displeasure; a scowl.

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Frown lines are primarily caused by aging. Although many people turn to treatments such as injections of Botox to soften frown lines, there are some simple ways to start addressing frown lines without injections:. There are many home remedies for dealing with frown lines.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'frown. Send us feedback. Froward, Cape.

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The human face is powered, depending on how you count them, by between 23 and 43 muscles, many of which attach to the skin, serving no obvious function for survival. Tugging on the forehead, eyebrows, lips and cheeks, the muscles broadcast a wealth of information about our emotional state, level of interest and alertness. It is a remarkably efficient means of communication—almost instantaneous, usually accurate, transcending most language and cultural barriers.

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Log in. C2 to bring your eyebrows together so that there are lines on your face above your eyes to show that you are annoyed or worried :. Grimacing and frowning.

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Use frown in a sentence. An example of frown is the face you make when you are unhappy about something. An example of frown is when drinking is discouraged.

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But is the saying true? Does it really take more muscles to frown than to smile? While the origins of the phrase is unknown, one thing is certain. It actually takes more muscles to smile than to frown.

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Susan DeFeo has been a professional writer since Her health, fitness, beauty and travel articles have appeared in various online publications. Every time you scowl, squint, glare, glower or grimace, you contract the underlying muscles around your eyebrows and forehead.

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A frown also known as a scowl is a facial expression in which the eyebrows are brought together, and the forehead is wrinkled, usually indicating displeasuresadness or worryor less often confusion or concentration. The appearance of a frown varies by culture. Although most technical definitions define it as a wrinkling of the brow, in North America it is primarily thought of as an expression of the mouth. In those cases when used iconically, as with an emoticon, it is entirely presented by the curve of the lips forming a down-open curve.


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