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Every time someone brings up the problem of sexism of the comics industry, there are always a few people who are oddly incensed. A double standard! You're the one with the issues!

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Sexy comic book characters See which superheroes and villains are easy on the eyes. By By Hearst Staff. Wolverine and his band of sexy mutants.

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Sure, some billionaire genius could, theoretically, learn how to build powerful metal suit and fight crime similar to Iron Man. You see, Tony Stark is a ridiculously attractive man. Wonder Woman, in addition to being a badass warrior that could pretty much dominate any foe, is also incredibly beautiful.

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While Disney has become the owner of Marvel, but, there is a long history of graphic Marvel romps which would make Disney embarrassed or might want Walt to shut his eyes. Physical intimacy has its own issues, but, the way things are depicted in Marvel comics, indulging in those things is a problem by itself. Here we present to you a compilation of the most explicit scenes of graphic intimacy from Marvel. We caution you to apply discretion while reading further as not all scenes are consensual, and some might even be NSFW.

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The sexiest comic book hotties of all time, ranked by comic fans worldwide. This list of the hottest comic book women includes sexy superheroes and the equally sexy villains they fight against — from Wonder Woman to Catwoman. Anyone can vote on the sexiest female superheroes and supervillainsand you can even add your own list to these rankings.

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Email address:. They were women with power, knowledge and mystique. Sabrina was interested in maths and science, and was respected by teachers particularly Mr Pool, played by the excellent Paul Feig.

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The presence of fierce female heroes in comic books is a win for women. Their unrealistic bodies, though, are still a problem. To emphasize how impractical many female comic book heroes' poses are, BuzzFeed had women try to recreate them.

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View per page. Super Suit Sexy Superhero Costume. Space Soldier Sexy Superhero Costume.

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There is a joke that goes that comic fanboys only get to see a half-naked girl when they are reading comic books. Female comic book characters seem to always have a big chest, a booty only Sir Mix-A-Lot would love and a waist the size of a twist tie. One could argue that all the women in the comic book universe might be a little too sexy for comics but these ladies top the list.

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Charming, charismatic and graceful are some of the words that we use to define these comic book ladies. Check out these sexiest female comic book characters:. There is something about her personality that is difficult to avoid.


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